Amazon Essentials: 5 Packing Tips for Jungle Stays

Napo Wildlife Center
Napo Wildlife Center

Packing may be my least favorite part of travel. There’s always that unsettled feeling that something important has been forgotten.

I’ll admit when packing for my stay in Ecuador’s Amazon at the Napo Wildlife Center, I felt lost. But through some trial-and-error, you figure out what it is you definitely want and what you could have left behind.

Amazon Jungle Stays: 5 Essentials to Pack:

Downpour en route to Napo Wildlife Center
Downpour en route to Napo Wildlife Center

1. Your own rain gear. This may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of lodges do provide you with a rain poncho and, therefore, some people opt to rely on those. I found that when the rain hits — as suddenly as it can in the rainforest — it’s quite convenient to have your own gear you can reach for. Rather than waiting for your guide to dig it out and distribute.

2. A Good Pair of Binoculars. As the most biologically diverse place on Earth, the Amazon rainforest boasts of it’s wildlife. But, you probably won’t see much of it with out a good pair of your own binoculars.

3. Bug Spray. I despise Deet, but in the rainforest we became friends. I tried to do the all natural, and around the resort it worked great. But in the midst of the forest — sitting intently still — it just didn’t cut it. Having your own bottle of bug spray (whatever works for you) is priceless.

4. Head lamp or small flashlight. Small lights are great for reading at night without attracting bugs into your room. They also aid in getting around.

5. Dry Bag (plastic bags). On most outings most people carry a little day pack — camera, water, rain gear, birding books, journal — a dry bag ensures all your valuables stay dry. A must-have. Plastic bags will also do the trick.

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