President of Costa Rica Named One of Time Magazine’s “100 Rising Stars That Will Change the World”

Costa Rica has been leading the way for sustainable tourism for decades, starting with the formation of reserves and parks in the 1960s and 70s. They are now leading the world in their policies to address climate change. “Since becoming President in 2018, President Alvarado has established a bold path for Costa Rica, setting targets […]

How to Pack for a Multisport Adventure: Tips from Detour Traveler & Owner of Trailblazer Wellness Becki Rupp

If you’re the type who usually packs for a trip the night before you leave, it’s time to change that habit, at least for a multi-sport adventure trip. The sooner you start pulling together the items for your trip, the better it’ll will go when you get there! Be sure to review the packing list […]

Adventure Travel Means Engaging In Your Trip vs. Passively Watching It Go By

Adventure travel is definitely for those that enjoy more active ways of traveling and exploring, but you don’t need to be popping wheelies to enjoy a bike ride through pastoral Peru. Active trips, often referred to in the travel world as adventure travel, are equally for travelers that want to immerse and engage in the […]

6 Ways to Prep for Your Multisport Adventure

Future Detour traveler, Becki Rupp, is planning a Galapagos Multisport Adventure trip coming up this fall. As a health coach and owner of Trailblazer Wellness, she spends her day helping clients gain more strength and stamina so that they can enjoy the experiences they’ve been dreaming of – whether that’s a dream trip, volunteering or […]

We Support BCorp Businesses!

To be clear Detour is not a certified BCorp member. . . yet. We are working through the requirements in order to become one. BCorp certification is thorough and a badge of commitment to the “highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.” As a […]

Travelers Against Plastic

Detour is a member of Travelers Against Plastic, (TAP, Single use plastic is a problem everywhere in the world, but it is an especially large problem in major tourism destinations in developing countries, where waste disposal is limited and recycling is virtually nonexistent. We strongly discourage the use of disposable water bottles, even if offered […]

Wildlife You Are Likely to See on Each Island in the Galapagos

Planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands can lead you into a spiraling black hole of personal excel sheets and YouTube videos. Each island in the enchanted archipelago is different and most travelers do not have the means nor the time to visit every possible visitor site. Nor would that make sense. You can gain […]

Top 3 Reasons to do a Galapagos Multisport Adventure

A Galapagos Multisport trip is a land-based, island-hopping tour that explores the wildlife and geology of the islands by human-powered means while overnighting in hotels along the way. This means hiking in the highlands, sea kayaking and snorkeling the shorelines, biking to visitor sites, and then retreating to the comfort of a hotel room (vs. […]

Sierra Negra Volcano Eruption – June 2018

  The Galapagos Islands are hailed for endemic wildlife seemingly unaware and uninterested in us humans looking on. Equally as fascinating and quintessential to any Galapagos trip is learning about the geology and the island’s creation. Let’s rephrase that. Ongoing creation. Right now the islands are alive! With volcano activity on both Fernandina (La Cumbre […]

When is the Best Time of Year to Trek the Inca Trail

Peru has two distinct seasons. The dry season starts in mid April and ends mid November. Rainy season takes full hold in mid December to mid March. For obvious reasons, the dry season or the shoulder seasons is the ideal time of year for trekking the Inca Trail.  December to April: The rainy season starts in […]

Trip Logistics: Tips for Planning a Trek on the Inca Trail

There comes a point in all trip plans where the daydreams of someday come down from the clouds and start asking, “How Do I Get There?” For many people that starts with flights. In this case, not so fast! The Inca Trail requires a little more leg work. In this post we’ll discuss Inca Trail […]

Get to Know Your Peru Outfitter – Amazonas Explorer

Detour was founded to showcase in-country tour operators that are working to make a difference in the world. Or, at least, a difference in their part of the world. All providers we partner with are locally owned and operated. That means most of your travel dollars and euros go to the country you are traveling […]

Inter-Island Flights in the Galapagos

Here’s the nitty gritty on flights within the Galapagos. Emetebe is the airline of the Galapagos and your only choice for flying between islands. Their fleet of Britten Norman Islanders have room for 8 in the main cabin. Because of their low carrying capacity, it is a good idea to pre-arrange your flights prior to […]

Christmas in Cusco and Machu Picchu

Christmas celebrations everywhere have at least one common thread: a time for family and friends to gather together.   But, the traditions we each have for celebrating can vary greatly (even from town to town).   While shops in our cozy town of Bozeman are closing early, our friends down in Cusco are taking to the Plaza […]

RAFT PERU: Rio Tambopata (Sept 20 – 30, 2013)

JOIN A ONCE IN A LIFETIME TRIP RAFTING THE RIO TAMBOPATA INTO THE WILD AND SCENIC AMAZON JUNGLE.  Trip Name: Wilderness, Wildlife and Whitewater on the Rio Tambopata Dates: Sept 20 – 30, 2013 Rate: $2,804.00 per person View additional trip details here – The Tambopata River snakes through the Tambopata-Candamo National Park in […]

Mamun’s Tales of Adventure: The Galapagos Islands Through the Lenses of a Travel Photographer

Traveling is a universal dream – there’s no denying that. A typical travel bucket list comes in many forms – there are those who dream of an extravagant trip through Europe’s most popular capitals such as Paris and Rome. Others wish for a long backpacking experience in Southeast Asia. Some marvel at the pristine beauty of Africa […]

Tribal Cuisine: Exploring The Food Of The Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Aerial View

Stefanvds(.com) / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND There aren’t many places left in the world where mankind hasn’t been able to plant its stamp of modernization. The Amazon rainforest is one such place, where a number of indigenous tribes, some of them having absolutely no contact with the outside world, reside. Despite the many threats to their way […]

The 7 Most Amazing Animal Encounters In South America

South America, the home of the world’s largest rainforest, is second to none when it comes to the diversity and intricate beauty of its wildlife. The continent has it all – from glaciers to deserts, from white-sandy beaches to pristine forests, and from hot volcanoes, high up in the sky, to the cold and quiet […]

Green Revolution: The Most Ardent Sustainable Travel Advocates

In today’s digital age, being an advocate for a particular cause has never been easier and advocacy has never been more effective. There’s no denying the immense impact of social media, especially when it comes to advocating a social or environmental cause. Digital tools ranging from blogs and video sharing platforms, through to social networks […]

How to Prepare Your Body and Mind for the Galapagos

The Physical Demand Traveling to the Galapagos Islands cannot really be considered a vacation per se. A vacation typically implies a book on the beach or a leisurely brunch. If you want rest, pick another destination – the Galapagos is all about active adventure. There’s simply too much to see and do around here. Hiking up volcanoes, mountain […]

The Must-Pack Gear For Your Galapagos Multisport Adventure

Stand Up Paddling in the Galapagos Islands

It is a common myth that embarking on an adventurous trip to the pristine landscape of an exotic destination is a wonderful experience from start to finish. Whoever said that was lying because packing has to be the travelers’ worst nightmare – a hectic and time-consuming experience. It usually results in either over-doing it, and […]

From Electrical Outlets to Fuel Surcharges: Galapagos Cruises Most Frequently Asked Questions

Before embarking on an exotic adventure, such as a cruise to the Galapagos Islands, there are a few comparatively trivial, but nonetheless essential things you should know. Here is one piece of valuable advice – never underestimate how the lack of basic practical knowledge about a particular destination can undermine your travel plans. Do you […]

A Taste of the Amazon: A Guide To An Authentic Experience in the Amazon

The Amazon Basin is a natural wonder with almost mythical status among travellers – an ecosystem of unparalleled size, beauty and diversity, this destination offers the opportunity to explore rich and unique wildlife, biodiversity and a variety of indigenous cultures. The Amazon River Basin is home to the largest rainforest on Earth, the size of […]

Why We Travel, Lessons From Life In Switzerland

Switzerland is like life on steroids.  The mountains are stupid beautiful and gnarly as your heart desires.   Turquoise blue lakes drowned the verdant countryside in startling color and white-tipped, saw-toothed peaks line the background.  It reminds me of a coloring book, photogenic scenes splashed with the most outrageous colors you can think of.   And the […]

Trip Opening: Wilderness, Wildlife and Whitewater on the Rio Tambopata (Sept 20 – 30, 2013)

JOIN A ONCE IN A LIFETIME TRIP RAFTING THE RIO TAMBOPATA WAY OFF THE BEATEN PATH INTO THE WILD AND SCENIC AMAZON JUNGLE.   A great trip for nature lover’s and adventure seekers alike. Trip Name: Wilderness, Wildlife and Whitewater on the Rio Tambopata Dates: Sept 20 – 30, 2013 Rate: $2,804.00 per person View additional […]

Which Islands Should My Galapagos Cruise Visit?

Blue Footed Boobie Feet

A cruise is the classic way to explore the Galapagos Islands.  For good reason. You’re able to reach more islands, explore more terrain, and see more wildlife. Many visitor sites are only available to cruises, so a cruise is the only way to visit them. By visiting many different island you also have a chance […]

Can My Kids Come? Minimum Age for Hiking the Inca Trail

So you’re looking for the perfect adventure for your active, energetic family . . . is the Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu the right choice?  This is an important question because you want to have the best trip possible, but you don’t want to sign your kids up for more than they can reasonably […]

New Departure Added for Peru’s Spectacular Ausangate Trek

A new departure has been added to the incredible Ausangate Trek in Peru, September 2-10.  This trek near Cusco is truly spectacular — a circuit around the high, snow-capped peak of Ausangate, the tallest mountain in the Cusco region at 6, 327 meters.  Ausangate is still worshiped by the locals, as is its “Apu” god […]