Best Islands in the Galapagos: Fernandina


Fernandina is the westernmost island in the Galapagos and is one of the most volcanically active.  The proximity to Isabela Island makes for a startling contrast of Fernandina’s almost barren black surface, the shimmering blue ocean and Isabela’s verdant green volcanoes rising in the distance.  Fernandina is also famous for its abundance of animals, such as penguins and marine iguanas wandering between the solidified lava floes.

The rewards for visiting Fernandina aren’t just found onland.  In the surrounding open ocean, you may spot dolphins or one of the many whale species that pass Fernandina while migrating.  Closer to shore, you can spot and even snorkel alongside massive sea turtles, iguanas, Galapagos penguins, and sea lions.

You should keep in mind that Fernandina is only visited on cruises that are 8 days or longer.  It is a somewhat remote island in relation to the rest of the archipelago and it takes times (and more fuel) to reach her shore.

When planning your Galapagos trip, it’s easy to see that there are a lot of islands and no itinerary includes every island.  So how do you know if you’re really seeing the best sites and the most interesting island?  Easy, just check out Detour’s “Best Islands in the Galapagos”  in this blog.