Caño Island, Costa Rica, Temporarily Closed

Caño Island, Costa Rica
Caño Island, Costa Rica














News from partner Costa Rican Trails:

As of last week the Costa Rican government closed land access to Caño Island, off of the Osa Peninsula, for three months (until the end of May, 2012). This island is visited by all guests staying at Casa Corcovado, La Paloma Lodge, Marenco Lodge, and Aguila de Osa Lodge, among others.

While it will still be possible to snorkel and dive in the waters surrounding Caño Island, it will no longer be possible to go onto the island itself.  The nice beach on Caño Island is where the lodges usually offer a picnic lunch.

With land access not available, the picnic lunch will be provided at Playa San Josecito, a scenic beach roughly half way between the various lodges and Corcovado National Park.  This location  offers another snorkeling opportunity and beautiful trails where capuchin monkeys and scarlet macaws are often seen.