names Detour "Model for Sustainable Business"

Detour has been recognized by as a leader in the sustainable business movement. We are honored by their endorsement and appreciation for our sustainability efforts. is one of the highest recommended carbon-offset organizations in the world. They help individuals and companies off-set their carbon by contributing to projects in reforestation, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

To calculate and off-set your trip’s carbon emissions with, please visit the “Go Green” tab on the Detour homepage.

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“Detour is the leading online marketplace for adventure travel. The company was founded to promote small-scale tourism directly through socially and environmentally responsible local tour operators and outfitters.

Action-hungry travelers merely have to go to, and choose among various trip packages in Africa, Central and South America. To name a few, their packages include hiking Mount Kilimanjaro’s Machame Route, kayaking and snorkeling in the Galapagos islands, and mountain biking in the Andes. Detour allows their customers to conveniently plan their trips online, save money, and ensure proceeds go to the local economy.

“International travel has so much good to offer from much needed relaxation; to cross-cultural understanding; to learning about new people and ecosystems around the world,” says Detour CEO Greg Findley. “But carbon emissions from flights and ground travel are troubling.”

Findley and his colleagues have strong environmental and social responsibility convictions. As such, Detour has made strong commitments to protect the environment and minimize global climate change.

The Detour office location was selected based on ease of travel by foot and public transportation. Their office is powered completely by wind energy. Their office is cooled by a low-energy, CFC evaporative cooler. Their company vehicle is powered by biodiesel. The encourage non-motorized forms of travel, and have most of their employees telecommute. All their business transactions are conducted online.

Not satisfied, the eco-conscious business took their efforts further. They have become a CarbonFree™ small business partner, offsetting the carbon emissions of their entire operations, including a handful of their trips. They will soon start offering the option for their customers to voluntary offset their trips. They have also partnered with the Rainforest Alliance to promote green certified local travel companies in Latin America.

Congratulations Detour, you are a true model for sustainable businesses!”