COVID-19 Updates: March 16, 2020

We fully support the global efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. However, it has made planning for your upcoming trip feel more like a surfer waiting for the next swell rather than a sure thing. Should you stick with plans or change them?

With many countries placing travel bans effective immediately – most notably Ecuador and Peru – we are encouraging all of our travelers with trips coming up within the next two months to postpone their trip dates. We will be in touch with each of you individually to discuss your options. We are working in order of most recent trips. All options are evaluated on a case by case basis. For this reason it may take us a few days to be in touch with you.

Many of the travel bans in place are scheduled to end in two weeks time. For this reason, we recommend travelers with trips more than two months away (mid May and onwards) to wait to see how the situation unfolds.

Below you’ll find the latest travel updates by country.


Argentina: As of March 16 Argentina will be closing it’s boarders for the following 15 days. No foreigners will be allowed into the country during this period, no matter their origin .Only Argentine citizens or foreign residents who are returning home will be allowed entry under strict sanitary control. Foreigners will be allowed to leave the country, but it is not yet clear if these means only those having completed the mandatory 14 days quarantine.

Belize: WILL AFFECT CERTAIN TRAVELERS FROM USA: Effective immediately, Belize will be mandating quarantine for travelers from China, Franch, Germany, Italy, Iran, Japan, South Korea and Spain. Additionally, anyone coming from cities in the United States that have documented community spread will be placed under quarantine as well.

Brazil: As of March 16th there are no travel restrictions in place, but this could change without prior notice. To date there have been 200 confirmed cases, 1500 monitored suspected cases (that have been discarded) and no related deaths. You can follow the updates here – Incoming travelers will be monitored by airline personnel and anyone suspected of symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) while on incoming flights or while entering the county will be sent for further examination by the official airport doctor.

Chile: No recent updates. The following policy is still in effect:  Passengers arriving to Chile will fill out a form to document previous travel for the last 30 days and will have their temperature taken upon arrival. Those having been to Italy or Spain within the last 14 days will have a mandatory self-quarantine.

Costa Rica: No travel restrictions. The government has issued a Yellow Alert for travel. This allows agencies access to additional economic resources for preventative measures and treatment of current confirmed cases.At the onset of the pandemic, the Government of Costa Rica has issued protocols, in line with the guidelines and general recommendations of the WHO, to protect the population’s health and prevent the spread of the pandemic. Necessary actions are being taken across public and private health services, international airports (international transport), land and sea ports of entry, owners and managers of tourist services, educational centers and mass concentration events, among others.

Ecuador: On Saturday March 16th the Ecuadorian authorities banned all international flights arriving at the country’s airports, as well as, entry by land and sea. This also means prohibited entry into the Galapagos Islands by any foreigner. This ban will be in effect until April 15th.

Guatemala: NOW AFFECTING VISITORS FROM UK, USA, & CANADA. Effective midnight on Monday, March 16 Guatemala will be prohibiting all visitors from the UK, USA and Canada. An existing ban remains in effect for visitors from Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Korea, China and Iran.

Peru: At 8pm Sunday, March 15th, Peru’s President announced a “State of Emergency”. All international borders will be closed for 15 days starting Monday, March 16th. Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail will be closed during this time.