Current COVID Travel Restrictions and Testing Requirements – Updated 12/4/21

It’s possible for US citizens to travel to most countries in Latin America at this time, but please keep in mind that all of the requirements are subject to change at any time with little to no warning.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has lots of recommendations for international travel during COVID, for both travelers who are fully vaccinated and those who are not.

Entry Restrictions By Country: The info below is for US citizens, and is only a brief summary. More details are in the links to the US Embassy page for each country. If you’re traveling from elsewhere, the requirements may be different for you. Please check with your country’s embassy in each country.

Argentina: Fully vaccinated international travelers are allowed into the country. A negative COVID PCR test administered no more than 72 hours prior to departure for Argentina is required for all arriving international travelers.

All travelers entering Argentina must submit an electronic sworn statement within the 48 hours before their arrival/departure. The form is available here.  Travelers may be required to present the confirmation e-mail they receive from this system to board a flight.

All travelers are required to have medical travel insurance that includes hospitalization, quarantine, and transportation coverage of COVID.

Belize: A negative COVID test is required for entry into Belize. The test must be administered within 72 hours before you board your flight to Belize. You’ll need to travel with Gold Standard approved trip operators and accommodations.

If you do not take a COVID test before traveling to Belize, you can take a rapid test upon arrival at the airport, and wait (approx 1 hour) for the results. If they are negative, you can depart from the airport and continue your trip. If they are positive, you will need to quarantine.

Brazil: A negative PCR COVID test is required for entry into Brazil. The test must be administered within 72 hours before you board your flight to Brazil. You must fill out a traveler’s health declaration before arriving.

Chile: All persons entering to Chile from 2 years of age, must take in the country of origin a PCR test with negative result, taken no more than 72 hours before the trip and complete the sworn statement on the site

Medical insurance with minimum coverage of USD$30,000 for non-resident foreigners.

All persons entering Chile who have a booster dose applied 6 months prior to the trip (validated in the Mobility Pass), may be exempted from the PCR test when entering the country, as well as from the isolation period.

The process of validation and homologation of vaccines will be shorter than it was previously. The applicant will be informed of the maximum time limit at when starting the process.

People who have a Mobility Pass but do not have a booster dose in the last 6 months must be tested when entering the country, the cost of the test will be paid by the passenger, and must wait for the result in isolation, 12-24 hours.

People who do not have their vaccines validated, regardless of their nationality, in addition to the PCR test at entry to Chile must take a 5-day quarantine even if the result is negative.

People entering Chile by air who must take connection flights will no longer have to wait for the PCR test result at the airport to board the connection flight, but may wait for it at the destination address they have informed in the C19 sworn statement.

Colombia: Entry is by flight only, not by land or sea. A COVID test is not required for entry, but you will fill out a health/migration form before arrival.

Costa Rica: Entry is by flight only, directly from the US, or by land at designated border crossings. Unvaccinated travelers must provide proof of medical insurance to cover any COVID related medical treatment or possible quarantine while in Costa Rica, for their entire length of stay. Vaccinated travelers are not required to have proof of medical insurance. A negative COVID test is not required, but you must complete a Health Pass.

Ecuador: Starting December 1, only full vaccinated travelers are allowed to enter Ecuador. Final vaccination shot must have been received at least 14 days before entering the country. All travelers must also have a negative PCR COVID test taken 72 hours or fewer before their flight into Ecuador.

Travel to the Galapagos Islands: Starting December 1, only full vaccinated travelers are allowed to enter the Galapagos Islands. Final vaccination shot must have been received at least 14 days before entering. All travelers must also have a negative PCR COVID test taken 72 hours or fewer before arrival in the Galapagos Islands.

The same PCR COVID test can be used for entry into mainland Ecuador and entry to the Galapagos Islands as long as the timing works. If you are going to spend time in mainland Ecuador before going to the Galapagos Islands, you will need to get a PCR COVID test taken at an approved lab in mainland Ecuador before traveling to the Galapagos Islands.

Unvaccinated children aged 2 to 15 must present a negative PCR test issued within 72 hours prior to boarding the flight to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

Mexico: A COVID test or vaccination are not required for entry into Mexico. 

Peru: All travelers need to complete an affidavit of health within 72 hours before traveling to Peru. Travelers who are fully vaccinated (with their last shot 14 days or more before they enter Peru) are not required to get a COVID test before arrival. Travelers over the age of 12 who are not fully vaccinated are required to present a negative PCR test taken up to 72 hours before arrival to the country.

Starting December 18th, proof of vaccination is required by everyone over the age of 18 in order to enter enclosed spaces, including restaurants, museums, public transportation, and more.

There is a curfew in Cusco and Lima (and other areas) from 2am to 4am every day. All Inca ruins (including Machu Picchu), other tourist sites, restaurants, etc are open. A KN95 mask is required at all times in outside and public spaces, such as restaurants, trains, markets, and Inca sites. A surgical mask paired with a cloth mask can replace a KN95 mask.

The full Inca Trail is currently open, but with limited permits for each day. Machu Picchu is open at full capacity. The hikes to Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountains are closed.

United States: All US citizens returning to the states after traveling must provide a negative COVID test taken 24 hours before boarding their flight to the US. The COVID tests can be rapid or molecular.

We can help you arrange for COVID tests to be administered while you’re on your trip, in preparation for traveling from one country to another. The expenses of taking a COVID test are not included in your trip price, and will need to be paid locally.