Detour’s New Truck Is A Bike

Detour's New Truck is a Yuba Cargo Bike

Here at Detour we are always looking for ways to get outside, get some exercise, and cut our carbon footprint, so you can only imagine how stoked we were to discover Yuba Bikes line of cargo bikes. Yuba bikes are fantastic people and stuff movers, and easily take the place of a car or small truck for running errands around town.

We immediately grabbed a Mundo to be our office truck, for hauling recycling or picking up supplies; we also have it set up to haul kids to school (with monkey bars that allow kids to sit safely on the back with no chance of falling off) so I can ride two kids to school on my way to work.

The Mundo is the coolest bike ever – it rides great but also can haul up to 440 pounds on the back, which is more than we ever need to carry for the office. Not shown in the photo above are the massive Yuba GoGetter Bags that attach easily on the sides of the bike and can haul up to 5 bags of groceries each.  The basket in the front is very innovative, as it attaches to the frame and not the handlebars so that it doesn’t turn when you turn the handlebars. This keeps the weight in the basket from shifting when you turn the handlebars, which could make the bike fall over. Genius! I’ve been riding to work with my computer and lunch in the basket every day since we got the bike, and it is very stable. Next week, when school starts, the new truck will also become the new school bus, riding my two kids 2 miles to elementary school with their school backpacks in the front basket.

You can get your own Yuba Mundo or Boda Boda (the smaller version that looks more like a cruiser but can still carry 220 lbs on the back) at, or if you live in Bozeman, call or email us at Detour as we are going to start retailing these bikes (look for updates on that soon). We love them that much!