Travelers Against Plastic

Detour is a member of Travelers Against Plastic, (TAP, Single use plastic is a problem everywhere in the world, but it is an especially large problem in major tourism destinations in developing countries, where waste disposal is limited and recycling is virtually nonexistent. We strongly discourage the use of disposable water bottles, even if offered […]

Detour’s New Truck Is A Bike

Detour's New Truck is a Yuba Cargo Bike

Here at Detour we are always looking for ways to get outside, get some exercise, and cut our carbon footprint, so you can only imagine how stoked we were to discover Yuba Bikes line of cargo bikes. Yuba bikes are fantastic people and stuff movers, and easily take the place of a car or small truck for running errands around […]

How do I purchase a trip from Detour?

Once you have found the trips you want on the dates you want to travel, send Detour’s expert travel advisor a reservation request directly from the trip’s web page, or call 1-866-386-4168, or 1-720-246-8884 to reserve and purchase your trip. We will then contact the travel provider to confirm that there is space for your […]

Can any travel provider sell trips through Detour?

No, Detour’s staff use their extensive knowledge of travel in each destination to select only the best local tour operators. The travel providers selling through Detour’s Adventure Travel Marketplace are the best local travel companies on the planet! All are professional and reliable, and are respected leaders in the travel industry in their own country. […]

Waponi! Detour Destinations is Going Social

    Hello there! Or “Waponi”, as the Huaorani say (which actually means joy, cool or everything that is positive and beautiful in life). Or “Winya jai“, as the Achuar people from the Kapawi Ecolodge in Ecuador’s Amazon would say. Or “Rimaykullayki“! That is how the mountain people of Peru and Bolivia who live near […]

New Trip: Galapagos and Cotopaxi Multisport Adventure

We’ve got a cool new trip, the Galapagos and Cotopaxi Multisport, from one of our great Ecuador providers Tropic, Journeys in Nature. This new trip combines a Galapagos Multisport Adventure with a great exploration of Quito and mainland Ecuador in a very active multisport trip that includes hiking, biking, horseback riding, zip-lining, kayaking, snorkeling, and wildlife […]

Espiritu Pampa Trek and Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Trek Featured in NY Times!

  Two of our favorite treks in Peru, Choquequirao to Machu Picchu and Espiritu Pampa – Trek to the Last City of the Incas, operated by Detour partner Amazonas Explorer, were featured in The New York Times Travel section yesterday: “The Hidden Route to Machu Picchu.” These are challenging, off the beaten path treks to […]

Peruvian Author Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature

Mario Vargas Llosa won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature “for his cartography of structures of power and his trenchant images of the individual’s resistance, revolt, and defeat.” The prize is the first for a Latin American writer since 1990, after Mexico’s Octavio Paz. As an author, he had an international breakthrough with the novel […]

Detour Donates Lares Trek to Benefit Local Montana Land Trust

Detour announced today that it is donating an 8-day trip to Peru for two people to be auctioned off at the Prickly Pear Land Trust’s annual Harvest Moon Banquet and Auction.  Detour, as a sustainable tourism agency, is pleased to donate the featured item in the Prickly Pear Land Trust’s (PPLT) annual fundraising auction, Saturday, […]

Brazil: Flooding In Rio

RIO DE JANEIRO – Heavy rains that started Monday left the city flooded by Tuesday morning. Rains continued throughout Tuesday into Wednesday morning. A brief respite this morning has been shadowed by forecasts predicting more rain to come. Death toll is up to 110, with at least 60 people confirmed missing. Potential mudslides threaten up […]

Train To Aguas Calientes To Run End of March

InkaNatura Travel sends an update on access to Machu Picchu: Peru Rail, operator of the train from Cusco to Aguas Calientes, declared that the train service will be restarting its operation from March 29 in two different stages described below: Stage 1: Staring March 29 The operation is effected only with cars such AUTOVAGON. The […]

Ecocamp Patagonia Receives Recognition at the Virgin Holidays Tourism Awards 2009

Ecocamp Patagonia has been recognized for sustainable tourism in the Best in a  Mountain Environment category at this year’s Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards. Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards strive to promote and acknowledge all types of tourism that  “operate in ways that respect and benefit destinations and local people. The Awards recognize individuals, companies […]

The Rainforest Alliance Recommends Detour for Sustainable Travel in Latin America

Detour and the Rainforest Alliance have partnered for several years to promote sustainable tourism in South and Central America.  Detour is pleased to announce that the Rainforest Alliance has highlighted Detour as their “Recommended Link” on the Eco-Index: A service of the Rainforest Alliance, the Eco-Index ( is a bilingual database of more than […]

Detour Partners with Rainforest Alliance to Promote Sustainable Tourism

Detour, The Adventure Travel Marketplace (, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote Best Management Practices and Certification Support for Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises with the Rainforest Alliance, a leading international conservation organization. The agreement will enhance both Detour’s and the Rainforest Alliance’s goals of promoting sustainable locally owned travel providers, and will […]

Green Living Ideas interviews Detour about Sustainable Travel

Denver, CO – August 29, 2007- Green Living Ideas and Detour, the Adventure Travel Marketplace ( have partnered together in an effort to publicize information about sustainable, socially responsible travel. On the Green Living Ideas podcast, released on August 16th, Detour Founder, Greg Findley, discusses the history and new directions of sustainable travel with Green […] names Detour "Model for Sustainable Business"

Detour has been recognized by as a leader in the sustainable business movement. We are honored by their endorsement and appreciation for our sustainability efforts. is one of the highest recommended carbon-offset organizations in the world. They help individuals and companies off-set their carbon by contributing to projects in reforestation, renewable energy, and […]

10% off at with Detour Trips!

Detour, The Adventure Travel Marketplace, customers can save 10% on outdoor clothing and equipment needed for their trips at Customers who purchase international adventure trips from Detour can now save money on the clothing and equipment they need for their travels with 10% off at, the leading online retailer of outdoor equipment and […]