Ecoventura Adds Local, Organic Foods to Menu

New Organic & Local Menu Items
New Organic & Local Menu Items

Ecoventura, operator of the Eric, Letty and Flamingo & Sky Dancer yachts, introduces new, healthier menus with an emphasis on local, organic foods!

Ecoventura’s trained chefs have introduced a healthy, reduced calorie dining menu built around natural and organic foods, and perhaps most importantly –  purchased from local island farmers. The new menu has increased its organic options by 12% and nearly 60% of their produce comes from the Galapagos. View the menu.

Most of the fruits and vegetables come from San Cristobal Island, while meat and dairy are supplied from Santa Cruz Island.  Only 32% of their food products are shipped from mainland Ecuador and the company strives to annually reduce that percentage. (Consider two years ago that percentage was more than 40%.)

Ecoventura already leads the way in responsible, sustainable travel in the Galapagos. Their support for the local communities and continued environmental stewardship offers  the contentious traveler a holistic approach to Galapagos cruising. Here at Detour, we support them whole-heartedly!

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