Ecuador, Chile Travel Offices Closed Due To World Cup Fever

World Cup fever has hit certain countries in South America in epidemic proportions, causing tour provider’s offices to close during their national team’s matches. Imagine the Super Bowl played during the work week and you might sort of understand how business shuts down during these matches.

You gotta love an event so big that entire countries basically shut down so that everyone can watch a futbol match.  Here at Detour we’ve received notices of office closures from Argentinian and Chilean tour operators during their country’s games. If you are currently traveling in a country whose team is playing, at game time you may as well find a coffee shop, restaurant, or tavern and hunker down to enjoy the game.  What a treat to get to watch a game with the rabid local fans.  Just hope the local team wins!

World Cup fever is likely to linger for some time, as Latin American teams are playing well, and several could play on deep into the tournament. With the USA not likely to go far in the tournament, we are cheering on every Latin American team in the tournament!

We at Detour got into the act this morning with a company World Cup breakfast to watch our US team tie 2-2 with Slovenia.  Foul, are you kidding me? On the US? That should have been a goal and a US victory . . .