Galapagos-Ecuador Foundation: Sustainability Projects


Metropolitan Touring shares with us an update on their Galapagos-Ecuador Foundation (Fundacion Galapagos-Ecuador) sustainability projects.

The Foundation is an Ecuadorian, non-profit organization, founded in 1998 with the mission of providing support and funding for conservation projects directly related to the sustainable development of the Galapagos Islands.

It’s three sustainability projects report great success:

1. Coastal Cleanup: Since the project’s start in 1999, 109 organized, coastal clean-ups and with the

Beach at Puerto Egas (James Bay) Santiago Isalnd

help of local fishermen  175,973 lbs (79,988 kg) of solid debris has been removed. Twelve more clean-ups are scheduled throughout 2010.

2. Solid- Waste Management & Recycling On Santa Cruz Island – the most highly populated of the Islands – the program has recycled a total of 4,217,156.20 lbs  (1,916,889.20 kg) of solid waste. Over 2 million lbs of organic material has been composted and used as fertilizer for local farmers, improving the quality of their produce while relying less on shipments of fertilizer from the mainland (or the use of artificial fertilizers).

Additionally, plans are in the works for a recycling pilot program on Isabela Island.

3. Local Students On Board Galapagos Expeditions Conservation education for Galapagos children is a must. And what better way than to give them the opportunity to explore the islands they call home. As of 1998, 192 students have experienced the islands on one of Metropolitan’s expedition fleets. Currently, preparations are being made for another 50 students!


To support the continued conservation efforts consider a contribution to the Galapagos-Ecuador Foundation. Please write directly to for more details.