Galapagos National Park Rules and Regulations

Excursion on the San Jose

To preserve the fragile environment of the Galapagos Islands National Park and Marine Reserve, please listen carefully to the instructions from your guide.  The islands contain some of the most precious and well-protected ecosystems in the world.  The Galapagos National Park regulations are not be taken lightly.  Guides always have the right to ask you to follow the rules set forth by both the National Park and the tour company; if you blantantly disregard these sensible rules, you may be asked to not participate in other activities on the Islands.

Some of the primary rules are as follows:

– Always follow the marked trail and never leave it.
– Do not touch the animals.
– Do not take souvenirs from the islands.
– Do not get too close to animals.
– Do not litter.
– Do not smoke on the islands.
– Do not take food to the islands.
– Clean your shoes’ soles before disembarking in the islands. You may have carried some seeds endemic to one island and would not want to introduce them to another.
– Always stay together with your group.
– Always follow Leave no Trace policies.
– Trip itineraries in the Galapagos are subject to change at any time due to National Park regulations or weather.