Galapagos Poems

When you’re excited about an upcoming trip, what do you do?  Do you make all your friends jealous by talking about it non-stop?  Do you check your passport expiration date for the millionth time?  Or do you write poems??

World traveler Glenn Nelson was so excited about his upcoming trip to the Galapagos Islands that he wrote two poems in anticipation and shared them with us.  Enjoy!



So when I’m at Galapagos
the question I want to ask most
of friendly dolphins near the coast
is: “Who’s more intelligent, you or I?”

Of all the critters terra tied
evolving smarts could not abide
until they cooled their heads inside
but homo sweating got us uniquely by

and talking gave us food for thought
cerebral pathways now were wrought
while other critters proclaimed nought
except perhaps for you, dear bottlenose

staying cool’s no problem for you
staying with your school’s easy too
nor foul your bed like humans do
that seems to make more sense I would suppose

Copyright 2013 Glenn Nelson



Oh Layna, help me solve this quiz
of what a valentine this is
that from Galapagos arrived
in daunting mystery enscribed

and fearless of its human hosts
distinctly crossed our distant coasts
his booby feet of blue so fine
how can this be a valentine?

or lone iguana out to sea
whose looks alone would frighten me
or giant tortoise now so old
his days on earth can scarce be told

it seems my luck must have no bound
for such menagerie I’ve found
which from exotic isles splurge
could valentines so rare emerge?

Copyright 2013 Glenn Nelson