Galapagos Weather in February

The hot season has arrived in the Galapagos! Days are sunny and very hot, with occasional drizzle. There is almost no wind, so the seas are very calm. Air temperature is around 26-27º C (78.8-80.6ºF), cooling down a little during the night. A water-proof windbreaker is a great item to have at this time of year.

The water has also warmed up, and average temperatures are 26º C (78.8º F), although this varies depending on the site. Better yet, the water is very clear, making for fabulous snorkeling and scuba diving. Even with the warm water a shorty wetsuit is a great item to have—mainly for protection from the sun.

In terms of wildlife there is a lot of activity. At Espanola, Nazca Boobies and Blue-footed Boobies are lined up all along the trail. Frigate-birds continue courting at North Seymore, and there are marine turtles all over the archipelago.