Great breakfast and cozy coffee shop recommendations

Breakfast as most of us know it isn’t exactly a Peruvian norm; so it’s a great find when you come across a place that serves a morning meal of eggs, bacon, toast, and a ginormous cup of coffee (note: I am yet to come across a place that serves the bottomless cup of coffee I was used to, and spoiled by, in the states). So far, I’ve found three places that serve the full range of breakfast goods and coffee options – in comfortable, interesting surroundings.
The best known Cusco breakfast spot is Jack’s – you’ll know where it is by the line spilling out the front door and snaking around the corner. Known for it’s homestyle versions of stateside breakfast classics and generous portions, Jack’s has made a name for itself far and wide. This past fall, when I posted on my Facebook page that I would be spending several months in Cusco one of the first recommendations I got from a friend who had visited in the past was to hit this place up. So I waited to low season and went early before most tourists are out of bed, and had a massive, delicious plate of huevos rancheros. I was also impressed by the rich taste of the coffee – and the bowl-like size of the cup it was served in. The decor of the restaurant is cozy and comfortable – an inviting place to load up for a day of exploring Cusco’s art and history or hiking in the hills.
The two super hip, laid back coffee shop/breakfast spots I’ve enjoyed during my time in Cusco are actually sister businesses: The Muse and The Muse II. Both are filled with plush comfy couches and arm chairs for lounging, local modern art and furnishings to admire, good music in the background, and -most importantly- excellent coffee and huge, delicious breakfasts. I’ve had their veggie omelette with toasted ciabatta each time I’ve been there and I’ve never been disappointed, but it would appear that their specialty is the massive English breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, beans, and tomatoes that’s served on a plate the size of a bus steering wheel. Good thing they have those couches, because you may need to sleep that one off. The San Blas location is two floors, and offers great views of the San Blas Plaza and the tiled roofs of Cusco below. They also offer movies in the afternoons and board games here if you are looking for a way to pass a lazy day after trekking the Inca Trail or one of the many alternative trails. The main location, just off the Plaza de Armas on the south side of the Cusco Cathedral, is very open and modern, allowing a lot of natural light to pour in while you work on achieving that perfect balance of caffeination and relaxation on a leisurely Cusco morning.
With either of these choices you really can’t go wrong – and most likely you’ll want to make a return visit if you have more than a few days in Cusco.