Green Living Ideas interviews Detour about Sustainable Travel

Denver, CO – August 29, 2007- Green Living Ideas and Detour, the Adventure Travel Marketplace ( have partnered together in an effort to publicize information about sustainable, socially responsible travel. On the Green Living Ideas podcast, released on August 16th, Detour Founder, Greg Findley, discusses the history and new directions of sustainable travel with Green Living Ideas.

Green Living Ideas and Detour have collaborated to gather useful information about environmentally sound travel tips which should help tourists choose a truly green vacation. The go local movement in conjunction with environmentally sound practices is a new step for sustainable tourism, one that is being recognized as important for the entire travel industry.

The Green Living Ideas website is an information resource of green tips and eco-favorable how-to articles, allowing consumers to make better “green” purchasing decisions. With a variety of articles, videos and podcasts interviews with industry leaders about environmental issues, Green Living Ideas is designed to help both businesses and concerned consumers make environmentally friendly choices.

To listen to the Green Living Idea’s podcast with Detour Destinations, click below: