Green Revolution: The Most Ardent Sustainable Travel Advocates

In today’s digital age, being an advocate for a particular cause has never been easier and advocacy has never been more effective. There’s no denying the immense impact of social media, especially when it comes to advocating a social or environmental cause. Digital tools ranging from blogs and video sharing platforms, through to social networks and newsletters, are now used to support advocacy efforts and raise awareness.

In the emerging world of social and environmental responsibility, advocacy is a crucial component for individuals and organisations whose mission is to spread the message and invoke change.

In recent years, sustainable travel has become a hot topic of discussion – a cause which calls for both environmental and social responsibility. From an environmental standpoint, sustainable tourism aims to minimize the ecological devastation of commercial tourism and ensure that landscapes remain pristine and unsullied. From an economic and even social standpoint, sustainable tourism supports the local economy by investing in their products and services.

Like any other noble cause out there, sustainable tourism has its own list of ardent advocates to lead the army of green revolutionaries. Stay tuned if you are a fierce supporter of this cause because here are several individuals and organizations you would want to follow.

Richard Brownsdon is a community builder dedicated to bring together those interested in traveling the world and promoting sustainability. An inspiring humanist, Richard is helping people explore and get motivated through healthy and positive adventures. He is the co-creator and designer of sustainable and learning adventures for individuals. Through his trusted connections in social enterprise and eco-tourism, Richard helps people design adventurous and ecologically responsible journeys.

Leigh McAdam is a Canadian-based true adventurer with a seemingly infinite bucket list. Having (so far) visited 53 countries, this adventurous traveler uses her extensive knowledge to promote sustainable tourism. Her rich website, primarily based on her personal travel experience, is an information hub for everyone wanting to be part of the ever growing family of eco-friendly tourists. With nearly 8,000 Twitter followers and extensive reach on other social networking platforms, Leigh is one of the most ardent sustainable travel advocates out there.

SustainableTrip is a non-profit organization, created by the Rainforest Alliance, with a mission to promote sustainable tourism and help travelers find eco-friendly destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Their social media activities revolve around regular blogging and sharing of valuable information directly related to sustainable tourism. Their monthly newsletter will keep you up to date on the latest news and the diverse social activities the organization is engaged in.  It will help you truly understand the philosophy behind sustainable tourism.


We Blog The World is an online travel and culture magazine that focuses exclusively on unique travel experiences and events for the discerning traveler. The magazine covers everything from events and festivals to local cuisine and culture. But this organization’s main focus is sustainability. The magazine’s Green section covers stories of people and places that focus their energy and effort on making the planet more sustainable. The mission of the folks at We Blog The World is to capture the human side of every story and the social and cultural footprint of people worldwide. The magazine is designed to be educational but it is also intended to facilitate and enhance communication between cultures and nurture sustainable thinking.


Sustainable Travel International is a non-profit organization that has more than 10 years’ experience in collaboration with destinations, businesses and travelers in the implementation of innovative and sustainable tourism development. This organization, globally recognized for promoting sustainable development through travel and tourism,  celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2012 by offering a timeline of its accomplishments. For over a decade, the team at Sustainable Travel has been implementing creative solutions for protection and conservation of the environmental, economic and cultural assets of destinations worldwide. The organisation is now considered to be one of the most ardent sustainable advocates out there.

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