How can I make sure I’m taking an environmentally and socially responsible trip?

Travel has the potential to make the world a better place (poverty alleviation, environmental protection) or to do a great deal of harm (resource destruction or exploitation of local cultures). It is important that you choose a trip that does more good than harm, that is a sustainable trip. is a fabulous resource to help you find a plan and take a responsible trip, as we provide information on each company’s sustainability policies and practices. Additionally, for each trip on the site you can compare traveler reviews which include ratings for social and environmental responsibility.

Questions to ask before you sign up for a trip (you can find answers to these questions for each company whose trip we sell in the provider section of our site: Travel Providers ):

What is your environmental policy?
Where is your company headquarters?
What percentage of your employees are local citizens?
Do you support any projects to benefit the local community?
Do you support conservation? How?
Is your business green certified?
Have you won any eco-awards?
Are you recommended by any reputable NGOs or conservation groups?
What sorts of policies have you implemented to reduce water consumption, conserve energy or recycle wastes?
How do you educate visitors about local natural areas, wildlife, energy conservation, and local culture?
How do you monitor these practices?

What is sustainable travel?