How do I purchase a trip from Detour?

Once you have found the trips you want on the dates you want to travel, send Detour’s expert travel advisor a reservation request directly from the trip’s web page, or call 1-866-386-4168, or 1-720-246-8884 to reserve and purchase your trip. We will then contact the travel provider to confirm that there is space for your party on your chosen date,  and then we will confirm that the trip is available for you. This trip reservation will be valid for 48 hours (or until the date mentioned in the reservation).  To confirm the trip, you will need to pay a deposit via credit card over the phone, and also provide passport information for all travelers in your party by filling out a form and emailing it to us.  Next, we will confirm the trip with the provider, and your trip will be confirmed.  Please remember that cancellation policies are set by each provider, and that fees may apply if you cancel your trip.