How much should I tip on my Patagonia trekking trip?

All tipping is, of course, at your own discretion and you are under no obligation to tip. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the service you received, your tip (or lack of) will reflect this.

Trip members can contribute towards a group tip to be shared among the drivers, assistants, cooks and the staff that handles the logistics of the trip. We suggest a range of US$6 to US$12 per day depending on the level of satisfaction. Trip members usually tip the trip guide. Typically, individual trip members tip the trip guide $6 to $15 per day, depending on the level of satisfaction.

In restaurants, tip normally is not included and a 10% will be expected.

Tips are best paid in US cash or in Chilean pesos (traveler¹s checks are difficult for the trekking staff to exchange). US currency in small denominations ($5, $10, $20) is useful for distributing the tips among the entire staff.

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