Huaorani Ecolodge Named a Best Life-Changing Trip by Travel and Leisure Magazine


Huaorani father and son with blowgun
Huaorani father and son with blowgun

Travel and Leisure Magazine has included the Huaorani Ecolodge in its list of Best Life-Changing Trips of 2010-2011.

I was one of the first group to ever stay at the lodge, and I have to agree that it is an awesome experience, and certainly fits the life-changing description.  It is rare to get to spend time with an indigenous group who have retained their culture and pride, while still being open to sharing with outsiders. I highly recommend the Huaorani Eco Lodge for anyone interested in exploring the world through the eyes of a different culture.

From T&L:

“Stay in an eco-lodge situated at the headwaters of the Amazon and run by the Huaorani, one of the most isolated ethnic groups on earth: first contacted by the outside world only 55 years ago, they speak a language that is unrelated to any other.