Inca Trail Permit Availability

UPDATE: For the lastest in Inca Trail Permit Availability, click here: Inca Trail Permits. This page was created 4/23/08 and is updated frequently.

Important Notice!

Trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is great adventures that many travelers dream to take-on. While planning your trip, make sure that you can get your Inca Trail permits in time; otherwise you might have to postpone your trip another year! All trekkers on the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu are required to buy a trail permit. You need to do this usually several months in advance and it must be done through a travel provider. We at Detour, the Adventure Travel Marketplace will set up your permits with a local provider so you don’t have to worry, but make sure you are looking at dates with permits still available.

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There are no more Inca Trail permits available for any date in June, July, or August; they are currently (as of 6/4 at 12:15 pm) sold out through Sept 5th. Below, you can see the current permit availabilities in September. We always warn folks to be careful not to wait too long; it’s common that a date with 100 or fewer permits will sell out in a day or less!

The following dates in September still have permits available:

Date: Number of Permits

Sept 1: 0
Sept 2: 0
Sept 3: 0
Sept 4: 0
Sept 5: 0
Sept 6: 102
Sept 7: 153
Sept 8: 45
Sept 9: 57
Sept 10: 18
Sept 11: 102
Sept 12: 282
Sept 13: 311
Sept 14: 53
Sept 15: 154
Sept 16: 0
Sept 17: 0
Sept 18: 41
Sept 19: 234
Sept 20: 338
Sept 21: 55
Sept 22: 194
Sept 23: 3
Sept 24: 143
Sept 25: 257
Sept 26: 0
Sept 27: 307
Sept 28: 315
Sept 29: 295
Sept 30: 325

Please contact Detour for more up-to-the-minute permit and trek availability.