Inca Trail Permits Selling Fast: alternative trek ideas

As of today, Inca Trail permits for April and May are completely sold out, and spaces for peak season (June, July, and August) are rapidly diminishing. This is the time of year when people across the world start planning their vacations, and Machu Picchu and the world renowned Inca Trail are often at the top of their lists – rightfully so given how amazing the landscapes and the history in this region are. But, a lack of availability on “THE Inca Trail” shouldn’t deter you from planning your trip to Peru this summer. There are several alternative multi-day treks that are equally impressive in terms of scenery and cultural expereiences – with far less traffic. Not to mention the fact that original Inca built paths and roads crisscross the Peruvian Andes; so you’ll still likely be following a trail marked by the archeological feats of an ancient culture.
Salkantay and Lares Valley to Mapi are 4 or 5 day treks that bring trekkers to equally impressive close-up views of glaciated peaks over high mountain passes and traverse several incredibly different ecosystems. They also end at Machu Picchu; allowing the same kind of jaw-dropping amazement upon encountering this incredible example of human ingenuity from several centuries ago, after days of looking at some of the most impressive work Mother Nature (Pacha Mamma) has to offer.
Choquequirao is another 4/5 day trek that more than one of my friends has described as ‘the most amazing thing I’ve ever done’. The natural surroundings are as dramatic as any in this area, and the highlight of the trek is the Choquequirao Inca archeological site that reportedly rivals Machu Picchu in scope and beauty. The trekking route is apparently somewhat challenging: multiple days of steep ups followed by steep downs, but if the vast majority of people who report back after the trip are to be believed; it’s absolutely worth it.
If you are planning your trip to Peru for this summer, do try to get permits for the Inca Trail: it’s an amazing experience all around. But, don’t change your plans entirely if you don’t; there’s too much to see in Peru to put the trip off for another year.