LAN Ecuador Plans Flights to Galapagos

LAN Airlines has been authorized by the Ecuadorian government to offer regular flights to the Galapagos. Starting in September LAN Ecuador will be the third carrier serving the islands, offering one daily flight from both Quito and Guayaquil.

LAN Ecuador says they had been eyeing the Galapagos market for quite some time, however, the government strictly regulates the number of flights and tourists flying into the Galapagos. LAN Ecuador will operate its new Galapagos flights with Airbus A320, using emission controlling technology to decrease carbon impact.

“This is a big milestone that will allow us to continue to contribute to the development of tourism in Ecuador, by creating more connections to the country and providing excellent service, with the highest standards when it comes to punctuality, reliability and safety.” — Maximiliano Naranjo, general manager of LAN Ecuador.