Last Minute Galapagos Special on the Eric, Letty, Flamingo–Nov 2-9, 2008

Don’t Miss out on a great Galapagos trip at a special price!
There are some great deals on Galapagos Islands Travel this year, especially for those of you able to take off on short notice.

One of these awesome specials is the Galapagos Islands on the Eric, Letty, and Flamingo I by Ecoventura, Nov 2-9, 2008. They are offering 5% off the trip price, and will waive the fuel surcharge of $125.00 per person for this departure. The 5% off is off of the normal prices of: $ 2675.00 per person on the Iguana deck, $2995.00 on the Booby Deck, and $3250.00 on the Dolphin Deck.

I was on the Flamingo I in September, 2008, and had an awesome time! The itinerary is one of the most comprehensive in the Galapagos, as it goes to Genovesa (Tower), Isabela, Fernandina, and Espanola, as well as visiting the central islands such as Bartolome.

The boats themselves are quite comfortable, and my Dolphin Deck cabin had great views out the picture windows. The cabins on the lower decks are equally nice. One of the best features was the large, comfortable top deck — our group loved hanging out up there watching whales and enjoying the sunset.

On our trip we got close to 4 different pods of whales, 2 pods of dolphins, and saw lots and lots of penguins and sea turtles, among other species. On one snorkel at Isabela I had about 8-10 penguins swim past me at the same time, and on a snorkel at Puerto Egas, James Bay, I was surrounded by 7 sea turtles, all mellowly munching on plankton while we drifted in a small wave surge.

It was a great trip—large comfortable boat, great staff and food, and an awesome itinerary. Don’t miss this discounted trip, the Galapagos Islands on the Eric, Letty, and Flamingo I, if you can travel on short notice!

Reserve your space today before its gone!

To reserve the trip or to get more information on this Last Minute Special, contact Detour:
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