Last Minute Spaces on the Angelito Galapagos Cruise!

 Thinking about a last-minute Galapagos adventure . . . .?Yacht Angelito navegando

 The Angelito Galapagos Cruise has 2 last-minute spaces available on their April 7 – 14 cruise.  This is one of the most highly regarded tourist-class boats in the Galapagos and on these dates, the Angelito will be visiting some of the best wildlife sites in the Islands.  There also is a last-minute deal for this cruise that saves you $125 per person.


Masked Booby on Genovesa Island

The Angelito cruise is a family-run operation and the naturalist guides are always one of the owners.  Each of them has been guiding in the Galapagos for over 20 years and their love for the Islands really makes the trip even more fascinating.  The boat itself is simple but very well-maintained (perfect for those who don’t need a lot of frills).  Each double cabin has air conditioning and it’s own private bathroom; there are also ample communal spaces on board for relaxing, dining or even watching for wildlife while cruising.

Contest Winner - Spotted Eagle Rays, by Alice Bartlett

Waved Albatross on Espanola Island
Waved Albatross on Espanola Island

On this cruise, you’ll be visiting some of the most remote sites in the Galapagos, where it’s possible to see the stunning wildlife displays both on land and underwater.  On Bartolome, you may be snorkeling with playful sea lions and Galapagos penguins as they “fly” through the water.  A visit to Genovesa Island is memorable because of the hundreds of nesting boobies mingling with frigate birds inflating their massive red neck pouches.  Espanola Island is home to massive and brightly colored land iguanas as well as the famous waved albatross.  The remote Espanola Island is the only place on earth where these beautiful and goofy birds mate, nest and raise their young.  Albatrosses mate for life and each April they return to Espanola to find their mate again; their ritual mating dance is one of the most unusual and charming sights to witness in the Galapagos.


Saturday: Overnight in mainland Ecuador (Quito or Guayaquil)**
Sunday: Fly to Galapagos – North Seymour
Monday: Chinese Hat – Bartolome
Tuesday: Genovesa: Darwin Bay – Prince Phillips Steps
Wednesday: Puerto Egas – Rabida
Thursday: Darwin Station – Highlands of Santa Cruz
Friday: Española: Pta. Suarez – Playa Gardner
Saturday: Santa Fe – South Plaza
Sunday: Black Turtle Cove – Depart Galapagos. Overnight in mainland Ecuador (Quito or Guayaquil)**
Monday: Fly Home

* International flights are booked on your own.
** Hotels, transfers, and tours in mainland Ecuador are not included but can be added upon request.

RATES per person

Angelito Cruise in Double Cabin: $2,595
Roundtrip Flights (Quito – Galapagos – Quito): $530
Fuel Surcharge (Boat): Waived
INGALA fee (Transit Control Card): $10.00

* This this is a last-minute trip, the fuel surcharge for this tour has been waived which saves you $125 per person


Accommodation on board in double cabins
All meals
Drinking water, coffee and tea
Excursions on the Islands with a qualified, English-speaking naturalist guide
Snorkeling equipment (fins size 35-45)

Not Included
Entrance fee National Park
Wetsuit (available to rent on board)
Soft and alcoholic drinks