More Flooding in Peru –Sacred Valley Roads Blocked

Wow, more bad news out of Peru as heavy rains returned a few days ago causing flooding and landslides in the Sacred Valley.  Most recently affected is Pisaq, where floods and landslides have taken several lives and damaged many homes.

Currently the road from Cusco to Pisaq is blocked by rocks and mud and is impassable. So, for now, access to this region is not possible, and the Sacred Valley can’t be visited. Hopefully the rains will stop and the roads will be repaired soon.  We send our best wishes to the people of the Sacred Valley, and hope there is no more flooding there.

More to come as we learn more details.

1 thoughts on “More Flooding in Peru –Sacred Valley Roads Blocked

  1. meg says:

    Do you know if the roads have been cleared and there is now access to Pisaq and the Sacred Valley? How are the towns doing?

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