Why hike the Lares Valley (and still see Machu Picchu)

New Lares Trek 06

If you’re looking for an beautiful and rewarding trek in Peru, we’ve got the perfect answer for you: trekking the Lares Valley.  It’s another alternative trek to the traditional Inca Trail, but it’s not filled with low-quality operators leading massive groups as you’d find on the Apu Salkantay.  We hope to preserve the quality of this trek and region by promoting highly responsible operators, such as InkaNatura and Amazonas Explorer.

You’ll find dramatic views throughout your trek: steep grassy slopes, alpine lakes and the snowy Vilcabamba range in the background.  Furthermore, the valley is home to wonderfully preserved Incan ruins and Incan trails which you’ll be using for part of your trek.

Several villages dot the Lares Valley and their inhabitants live in much the same way as their ancestors here 500 years ago.  Many of these villages offer some of the finest weaving and textiles found anywhere in Peru.  Buying these handicrafts directly from the weaver is an excellent way to ensure locals benefit from your stay.

Check out Amazonas’ Lares Valley Trek, perfect for those who need a flexible and challenging trek: Lares Valley Trek “Peru’s Other Inca Trail”.  As always, Amazonas is doing their part to minimize their impact and help the area:  “We include visits to several local communities with whom Amazonas Explorer are proud to work with as part of their commitment to www.onepercentfortheplanet.org and with whom we have been involved in the replanting of over 55,000 native trees over the past few years.”