Travelers Against Plastic

Detour is a member of Travelers Against Plastic, (TAP, Single use plastic is a problem everywhere in the world, but it is an especially large problem in major tourism destinations in developing countries, where waste disposal is limited and recycling is virtually nonexistent. We strongly discourage the use of disposable water bottles, even if offered […]

How much should I tip on my Patagonia trekking trip?

All tipping is, of course, at your own discretion and you are under no obligation to tip. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the service you received, your tip (or lack of) will reflect this. Trip members can contribute towards a group tip to be shared among the drivers, assistants, cooks […]

What Kind of Accommodations Should I Expect on a Patagonia Trek?

The accommodations for a typical trekking trip in Patagonia will be camping or hotels. If you are camping, typically, you will have to provide the sleeping bag and pad yourself while the trek operator will provide the tents, cooking equipment, food, and water purifiers. Additionally, many Patagonian treks have the option of staying in either […]

What do I need to do about altitude sickness in Patagonia?

Generally, you should not be overly concerned about altitude sickness in Patagonia because the elevation is not too great for many popular hikes. However, if you are climbing higher than 3,000 meters, then you should take precautions.If you are in generally good health, then you can usually prevent or alleviate altitude sickness fairly easily. The […]

A prophet who spurned profit – Yvon Chouinard’s Patagonian odyssey

Environmentally-conscious business practices are the norm these days, so much so that that any major clothing company that never mentioned the “e” word would be viewed as a pariah. But this was not always so. Up until 30 years ago the profit motif was the only consideration. Yvon Chouinard, one of the world’s greatest businessmen-environmentalists, […]

We have an odd-number group trekking together, what sort of accommodations can we expect?

As an odd-numbered group, you will have an extra passenger who will have to abide by the single passenger policy for accommodations: You can request private accommodations and you will have to pay a single supplement fee. This applies whether you are camping or using lodges/hotels along the way. Tents and hotel rooms are typically […]

What is the Weather Like in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego?

The weather in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego is a mix of sun, rain, snow, and wind.  With the right planning, you can maximize your sunny, bluebird days and forgo trekking in the snow. Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, aka the Southern Cone of South America, is famous for its remoteness, wild beauty, and, yes, […]

What vaccinations do I need before traveling to Patagonia?

The Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile require no vaccinations to enter the country, except for passengers coming from countries where cholera and yellow fever are endemic.  Also, a Hepatitus A vaccination is usually highly recommended for visiting both countries. It’s best to check the Center for Disease Control for up to date information on […]

Patagonia Strike Ends- Travel Normal Again

Strike in Patagonia ends after 6 days From Travel Partner TravelArt Chile After six days of strike the conflict about the gas price increase in southern Chile has been resolved. An agreement, that was acceptable for the government as well as for the citizens’ representatives, was announced yesterday at around 11:00 a.m. local time after […]

Chile's Earthquake – Tourism Update

Metropolitan Touring sends an update of the situation in Chile. The worst damages were accrued in the Bio Bio Region (515 km south of Santiago) near the city of Concepcion. “Chile’s solid infrastucture, strict building laws and long-history dealing with seismic activity has prevented the country from a major catastrophe.” Yet, Santiago did experience effects […]

Torres del Paine in September

Traveling to Patagonia in spring used to be a ridiculous idea.  Not only would you have to deal with the snow and infamous bad weather, but all the lodges would remain closed until the official tourist season (summer).  But my recent adventure in Torres del Paine proved to me that Spring is actually a great […]

Patagonia's Torres del Paine and EcoCamp

Patagonia is more than just an outdoor clothing company! It is a magical land at the bottom of the world, made up of the southern portions of both Argentina and Chile. Cascada Expediciones, a world-class Chilean company that specializes in sustainable adventures throughout Chile and Argentina, offers fantastic trekking and wildlife adventures in Patagonia through […]

Glacier! by Emily Weissleder

Although it’s tough to play favorites with all the gorgeous sights I saw in Chilean Patagonia, nothing can compare to the first time I saw Grey Glacier. The Glacier is in Torres del Paine National Park and is part of the Patagonian Southern Ice Field. It can be seen from miles away on a clear […]