Patagonia's Torres del Paine and EcoCamp

Patagonia is more than just an outdoor clothing company! It is a magical land at the bottom of the world, made up of the southern portions of both Argentina and Chile. Cascada Expediciones, a world-class Chilean company that specializes in sustainable adventures throughout Chile and Argentina, offers fantastic trekking and wildlife adventures in Patagonia through Detour’s Adventure Travel Marketplace.

Southern Patagonia is trekking country, and Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park is a must visit for every mountain lover. There are numerous options for visiting Torres del Paine, but the two classic treks are: 1) The famous “W,” that crosses the front of the Torres massif and penetrates three different valleys (to form a W shape); and 2) The more difficult Circuit that completely circles the Paine Massif. Both offer amazing views of glaciers, granite spires, and turquoise lakes.

Most of Cascada’s Torres del Paine trips spend at least one night at the EcoCamp, their proprietary sustainable 4-star lodge. A few years back, Cascada recognized that the Park’s infrastructure was not sufficient for the increasing numbers of visitors. They were concerned about how to provide more lodging while minimizing impacts on the Park’s fragile environment. Their answer was to build the EcoCamp, a comfortable, sustainable, 4 star lodge modeled after the housing structures of indigenous Patagonians. The EcoCamp is a series of interconnected domes that provide comfortable private bedrooms and spacious dining and lounge facilities on the inside, while blending into the environment from the outside. The EcoCamp is portable, allowing it to be taken down each winter to allow the surrounding area to recover before the next season. Electricity is generated by wind and solar energy, and passive solar designs help to both illuminate and keep the domes warm. Come check out the EcoCamp for yourself on one of Cascada’s fantastic Patagonia trips this winter!