San Cristobal Airport Re-Opening

The San Cristobal airport in the Galapagos Islands is now scheduled (tentatively) to re-open on August 18th, 2007. The airport, located on San Cristobal Island in the southern part of the archipelago, has been under renovation since Spring this year.

While the airport is closed, all flights use the Baltra aiport and Galapagos cruise itineraries have been adjusted accordingly. If you have booked a Galapagos Islands trip in August or September, please be aware that your itinerary could change* depending on the reopening of the San Cristobal airport. Most likely, the biggest change in your trip will be your flight times and the order in which you visit the Islands.

Please contact Detour about any changes in your itinerary or for more news on the San Cristobal airport.

*All Galapagos cruise providers reserve the right to change their itinerary at any time due to environmental conditions, mechanical failure, or flight schedule changes.