The sun’s return: emerging from Cusco’s rainy season

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked by potential Cusco visitors, or those who already have their trips booked is “so, what’s the weather been like?” And, to be completely honest I had to cringe when answering that question for most of February and into early this month. Who wants to have to tell someone that, actually, the rain has become a constant nuisance and is really interfering with my mountain biking plans and putting a general damper on things…?

So, I’m glad to say that as of this weekend we seem to have turned a corner in terms of emerging from the rainiest month of Cusco’s rainy season! The sun has been out for several hours a day and the rain comes in briefer, less-intense intervals. Much like northerners emerging from the long and harsh winter, people here are noticing the change; and the collective mood of Cusco has lifted.

Three cheers for being able to go out on the local single track without getting your tires stuck in the mud before you can even start the downhill! Three cheers for being able to walk to the pub to meet your friends for a pint without full rain gear in tow! Three cheers just for seeing that solar powering orb in the sky!

Yeah, I know that in January I posted about how benign the rainy season is…and it was until mid-February or so. I admit, one month of rain is nothing compared to several months of slush, snow, and ice many of you endured…but the gentle climate here has spoiled me; I can’t be blamed for my naysaying.

But, with these recent turn for the better from the skies, it’s back to exploring on bike and foot for me and Cusco’s visitors. Here’s to a long and fun dry season!