Torres del Paine in September

Traveling to Patagonia in spring used to be a ridiculous idea.  Not only would you have to deal with the snow and infamous bad weather, but all the lodges would remain closed until the official tourist season (summer).  But my recent adventure in Torres del Paine proved to me that Spring is actually a great time to visit Patagonia, as long as you know what to expect: clear skies, a little snow in places and a world-famous mountain range virtually all to yourself.

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First, the traditional circuit is not possible as there is too much snow at higher elevations.  But you can do plenty of great hiking if you’re based out of a lodge at a lower elevation.

A huge advantage to visiting Torres del Paine in  the spring is that it is less windy than the summer and less rainy than the fall.

The skies were clear for four straight days, almost unheard of during the peak tourist season.  While hiking there is a bit of snow, but this was isolated to small patches along our hike up to the base of the Towers.

Additionally, there are fewer tourists which adds to the rugged, isolated beauty of Patagonia.  There is also talk of lodges being open year-round in the near future . . . maybe the snowy, but wind-free windy will attract cross-country skiers or snowshoers.  The locals enjoy backcountry skiing and snowboarding in the Torres mountains.  All those activities seem like a lovely and low-impact way to experience Patagonia.

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