Traveler Testimonial: Galapagos Gallavant

Trip: Galapagos Islands Multisport Adventure

This trip kept two very energetic people pretty darn busy!  The snorkeling was so amazing.  The animals did not spook easily. We played with a sea lion pup for 1.5 hours and could have stayed ALL day.  We were the only people in the popular snorkeling area at the time too so it felt very special. 

I must say that Garrapetero Beach was pretty out of control.  We thought we were getting snacks and it was a full on meal with appetizer, main, and snacks afterwards.  We had a lot of fun with our guide and the group today. Wish we could have had more time with him.  A bit scary as the bikes really needed some maintenance.  Jason could not change gears and his brakes were pretty non-existent which suited him fine but would have had me terrified.   The beach was basically deserted except us which was crazy. 

I really loved that this tour did not feel like we were part of a tourist entourage.  We did see some other groups in a few of our snorkel spots, but otherwise, it was just us…so peaceful and serene. Being the only two helped us bond with our guide and feel like real explorers.  And later, because the islands were small, we ran in to a family we had met on our flight in multiple spots which was pretty neat as well.  All of the guides were very knowledgeable.