Visiting the Galapagos Islands in November

November is one of the prettiest months of the year in the Galapagos. It’s transition time, as little by little we are seeing fewer of the overcast, drizzly days, or garua, as the days are becoming sunnier the and sky bluer. Days are getting hot, but nights tend to be cooler because the South-east trade winds have picked up. Average air temperature ranges between 28º and 21º C (82º F and 70ºF). We recommend you bring a waterproof windbreaker and use sun protection daily, even if the day is overcast.

The water temperatures are around 23º C (73ºF) , although the water temperatures vary from site to site due to ocean currents (water is colder in Western islands, such as Isabela and Fernandina Islands). It is advisable to in case you want to snorkel. Snorkeling is fantastic this time of year, but we suggest you use a wet suit so you can stay in the water longer.

In terms of wildlife, there is a lot of activity in November. At Espanola, Waved Albatross are taking care of their young, and Nazca Boobies are nesting. Frigate-birds continue breeding at North Seymour, and there are male marine iguanas head-bobbing all over the place to establish and defend their territories prior to mating.

Galapagos Update from Angermeyer Cruises, owners/operators of Galapagos vessels the M/S Sea Cloud, the M/Y Samba, the M/S The Beagle, the M/S Diamante, the S/S Sagitta, and the S/S Mary Anne.