What are some basic facts about Boliva?

POPULATION:        7,500,000 Inhabitants.

AREA:            1,098,581 km2 (424,165 square miles).

CAPITAL:            Sucre (La Paz, seat of the Government)
FOUNDATION:        August 6, 1825.

LANGUAGE:            Spanish, Quechua and Aymara.
Many languages and dialects survive, including: Tupi-Guaraní;Mataco; and Guarayo.

RELIGION:            Catholicism is the official religion.

LOCAL TIME:        Official time is 5 hours behind Greenwich Meridian (GMT-5).

ELECTRICITY:        La Paz:  110 and 220 v.
Rest of the country:  only 220 v.
CURRENCY:            Boliviano (1 USD  7.65 Bs)

VACCINES:            Yellow fever and malaria vaccines are recommended in certain regions.

January 1,    New Year.
February (changes)    Carnival.
March (changes)    Holy Week.
May 1st,        Labor Day.
June (changes)    Corpus Christi.
July 16,        Independence Day of La Paz.
August 6,        Independence Day.
November 2,        All Saints’ Day.
December 25,        Christmas.