What are the different levels of Galapagos guides and what do they mean?

There are 3 levels of naturalist guides in the Galapagos.  Level III is the highest, and Level I the lowest rating.  All of the Galapagos trips sold by Detour are either top-quality Level II or Level III naturalist guides.

Naturalist Guide I
A level “I” guide is a native of the islands or has been a resident of the archipelago for many years, and has at least a high school diploma.  Level I naturalists must have a good level of knowledge about the islands, and must have passed the Level I exam.  They will speak English well but may not be fully fluent.

Naturalist Guide II
A level “II” guide has passed the Naturalist Guide Level II course, and must be very knowledgeable about all Galapagos Island issues and areas.  This guide will  have at least  a high school diploma often has a university background in biology, biology related fields, or in tourism. The guide must be fluent in English, French or German.

Naturalist Guide III
This guide must have passed the Naturalist Level II course, which certifies that he/she is extremely knowledgeable about all Galapagos Island areas and issues.  This level guide will also have a university degree in biology, biology related fields, or tourism.   He/she must be fluent in Spanish, English, and either French or German.