What does Oruro feature?

Altitude:    3,966 meters (13,004 feet)
Average temperature:    9 C

Situated on the western highlands of Bolivia, Oruro was the most important mining  region in the tin boom. On the shores of Lake Poopó, it is surrounded by archeological sites of importance. Wancarani culture is the one of the oldest in Bolivia and their remains can be found near Oruro. There are also large ancient burial tombs called chulpares from ancient peoples.

Oruro is the Folkloric Capital of Bolivia due to the Carnival festivities that are celebrated there. Carnival is the pagan and religious festival  celebrated throughout South America.

The city of Oruro has 185,000 inhabitants and still is a city that lives from mining. There are many mines near the city that can be visited  where the visitor can see the miners way of life. There are also hot springs near Oruro that can help combat the cold of the highlands.