What does Santa Cruz (Bolivia) feature?

Altitude:    437 meters (1,433 feet)
Average temperature:    25  ーC

Located in the eastern tropical area of Bolivia, Santa Cruz de la Sierra has 700,000 inhabitants and is the second largest city in the country as well as the industrial center of the lowlands. Its climate shares hot tropical weather with the cool breezes of the savannas.

The city still keeps its tropical colonial charm with covered, elevated sidewalks. It is located at the lowlands in an area on bed of sand, due to the proximity of the Pirai River.

Love for the land is always present and can be seen in all the progress that Santa Cruz has achieved in the last 30 years, together with the help of their petroleum production, the biggest in the country. It is a city  with lots of life and fun, if you think that the carnival is exclusive to Rio, think twice, because Santa Cruz also dresses in luxury during the Lent.

The Fort of Samaipata, is the farthest advance of the Incas in the eastern lowlands. It was the stronghold   that was used to protect them from jungle tribes uprisings. There is a paved road to Samaipata and  it takes about three hours from Santa Cruz.