What does Sucre feature?

Altitude: 2,790 meters (9,148 feet)
Average temperature: 18 C

Sucre is the legal capital of Bolivia and seat of the Supreme Court of Justice. It was founded on September 29, 1538, and is considered as the cultural center of the Americas because of its strong cultural influence from colonial times. Sucre’s architecture is considered one of the best colonial examples in Bolivia with its white colored walls and red-tiled roofs.

Sucre has 131,000 inhabitants and enjoys a mild climate, making it quite enchanting and peaceful. A town where time seems to have stopped, it is  ideal for students that come from different parts of America to study in the second oldest University of America,  the University of San Francisco Xavier, founded in 1624.

At 2 hours from Sucre is the Indian village of Tarabuco, one of the few places in America where the people are still using their original clothing, without foreign influence.  Tarabuco is also famous for its typical carnival, called Pujllay in Quechua, and its Sunday fairs.