What happens in case of a medical emergency while I’m trekking?

All treks featured by Detour include first aide kits and guides will have relevant safety training as well. For more specifics on training, certification, and safety awards won, please visit the provider information page through the Detour website. However, medical expenses beyond first-aide, including air evacuation, are not covered by trek providers.

We highly recommend that all trekkers buy traveler’s insurance that specifically includes helicopter evacuations in case of emergency. Trekking in South America will generally take you through remote places with very few emergency facilities and amenities. In the case of a serious medical emergency, you will probably need to be airlifted out. Before they airlift you out, you will need to either pay in cash up front or have proof of traveler’s insurance that includes evacuations. Some of our providers, such as Amazonas Explorer, make this a requirement for all trekkers.

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