What is Adventure Travel?

Adventure travel is another of those terms that can mean many things, as there is no official definition for it. We use the term to mean traveling with an adventurous spirit. Basically, if you want to take a trip that is just like being at home, that isn’t an adventure. Having an adventurous spirit means seeking out different places, ecosystems, and cultures, and the desire to explore and learn on your trip. While it has been said that an adventure doesn’t begin “until you lose your luggage,” we feel you don’t need things to go wrong to have and adventure. What you do need is to be willing to move outside the comfort of the world you live in to experience something new.

Traditionally, the phrase soft adventure has been used to define hiking or walking tirps, jungle lodges, etc, while “hard adventure” has referred to more active or dangerous activities such as whitewater rafting or skiing.

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