What is Bolivia like?

There are few countries in the world quite as fascinating as Bolivia. This marvelous country houses the most diverse geographical environments, beginning with the gigantic Highlands in the eastern part, always protected by their eternal Guards, the majestic Andes Range. There, too, is the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca, the center of the main cultures of the southern part of America.

In the eastern flanks of the Andes Range are the rich Yungas subtropical valleys where everything that you plant grows and this is the area where the magic plant of the Incas, the Coca is cultivated.

The big valleys from the central part to the south are the permanent suppliers of grain and vegetables for the highlands and  this area has been Quechua speaking since Inca times.

All of eastern Bolivia, from north to south is where Bolivian treasures of nature are located, from the most unimaginable virgin jungles of the Amazon basin in the north to the River of La Plata in the south. Flora and fauna of the area is something that you have to visit  to believe and you will never forget.