What is does La Paz feature?

Altitude: 3,636 meters (11,922 feet)
Average temperature: 14 C

City of 1,120,000 inhabitants is the seat of the government and center of all the industrial, cultural, banking and political activities. It was founded on October 20, 1548 by Alonso de Mendoza as a bridge for the mining transportation between Potosí and Cuzco.

Located in a canyon in the middle of the highlands, the city is protected from the cold winds that blow in the surrounding highlands.  You have a magnificent view of part of the Andes Royal Range, with its guardians like the Illimani, mountain of 6,438 meters (20,863 feet), which is a sight you won’t soon forget.

The climate in La Paz is dry and cold, with comfortable temperatures in daylight hours. Is a great city to appreciate the mixture of cultures from all Bolivia where people who have migrated from the countryside have mixed with the city folk.  The narrow streets of La Paz with their steep uphill climbs match perfectly the shape of the valley.

Tiahuanaco, known as the cradle of the American man, is one of the oldest cultures in the Andean area. Visiting their ruins on a 2-hour trip from La Paz is taking a step into the past. It is amazing to see the marvelous carving work, both in stone and ceramics, of this milenary culture.