What Kind of Accommodations Should I Expect on a Patagonia Trek?

The accommodations for a typical trekking trip in Patagonia will be camping or hotels.

If you are camping, typically, you will have to provide the sleeping bag and pad yourself while the trek operator will provide the tents, cooking equipment, food, and water purifiers.

Additionally, many Patagonian treks have the option of staying in either a refugio or Ecocamp.

“[An Ecocamp is] a luxury camp, of a kind never seen before in Chile and similar in concept to the famous African lodges. It is a more comfortable alternative, but above all environmentally friendly, especially in a national Park with the characteristics of Torres del Paine.” – Courtesy of Cascada Expediciones

Ecocamps are offer luxurious camping, complete with a kitchen, dining room, and separate sleeping tents.  Hot showers and bathrooms are also available at an Ecocamp.

Refugios are typical mountain huts which vary in available amenities, size and comfort.  They are permanent structures built to accommodate trekkers along busy and even remote areas.  To learn more about the refugios offered on various treks, please refer to the specific trip’s details.

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