What type of bag should I use for my trek?

If there are porters for your trek, we recommend duffel bags that are waterproof or can be lined with plastic bags to protect your clothes from water. These are easily tied on pack-animals and can be carried by porters (we use porters only on the Inca Trail since pack-animals are not allowed).Typically, the weight limit is 20 kg (44 pounds) for most routes if using pack animals or porters. This weight includes duffel and sleeping bag and one extra piece. Sometimes couples choose to share a duffel bag. However, this can depend on the company, so be sure to ask whether a backpacking rucksack or a duffle bag is preferrable once you have booked your trip.Additionally, backpacks designed for multiday trekking are a very good option if you are not using animal or porter support. Keep in mind that more than 25lbs will probably be uncomfortable to carry.

**On the Inca Trail weight is an important factor, so we ask you to please pack lightly. The weight limit per person is 20 kg (44 pounds); the porter is allowed to carry 5 kg (11 lbs).

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