What wildlife will I see while visiting the Galapagos Islands?

Although never guaranteed, chances are that you will see an abundance of wildlife each and every day you are visiting the Galapagos Islands.  There are 27 species of reptiles found on the Galapagos, which are divided into five families as follows: snakes, geckos, Iguanas, lava lizards and the giant tortoises.  There are around 29 types of land birds in the islands and 70% are endemic.  Additionally, birds such as the lava gull, swallowtail gull, Galapagos penguin and the waved albatross can be found.

The main, non-invasive mammals on the islands are sea lions, seals, rats and a couple of bat species.

It is currently reported that there are over 400 different species of fish roaming the Galapagos Islands surrounding waters with 17% endemic to this area only.  This includes 12 types of sharks and 18 types of morays. Whale Shark Season, from April to November, is when the chance to see whale sharks is almost 100% when SCUBA diving.

For more specific information about wildlife, please read through each island’s description.