Hotel Oro Verde

This hotel is centrally located in downtown Guayaquil, and is surrounded by restaurants, shops, and city parks.  It’s a great base from which to explore the city, and only about 10 to 15 minutes from the Guayaquil Airport. The rooms are modern, large, and very comfortable. This hotel also has several great restaurants!

2020 & 2021 Rates: 

  • Deluxe Room (single or double): $178.00 per night
  • Premium Room (single or double): $250.00 per night
  • Leading Suite Junior (single or double): $278.00 per night
  • Leading Suite Business (single or double): $294.00 per night
  • Leading Suite Executive King (single or double): $313.00 per night
  • Oro Verde Suite (single or double): $913.00 per night
  • Presidencial Suite (single or double): $1,260.00 per night
  • Additional Bed (in a Deluxe Room or Leading Suite): +$94.00 per night

Included: Airport transfers (shared shuttle), breakfast, all taxes and fees

Hotel del Parque

Hotel del Parque is a luxurious boutique hotel, located in Guayaquil’s Parque Histórico, and oasis in the city which preserves the culture, history, and wildlife of Guayaquil. Waking up to the sounds of parrots and monkey, you would never know you were in the second largest city in Ecuador! 

2020 Rates: 

  • Deluxe Room (single): $458.00 per night
  • Deluxe Room (double): $475.00 per night
  • Junior Suite (double): $713.00 per night
  • Additional Bed (Suite only): +$94.00 per night

2021 Rates: 

  • Deluxe Room (single): $508.00 per night
  • Deluxe Room (double): $525.00 per night
  • Junior Suite (double): $778.00 per night
  • Additional Bed (Suite only): +$107.00 per night

Included: Breakfast, all taxes and fees
Not Included: Airport transfers

Unipark Hotel

Unipark Hotel is located in the heart of lively downtown Guayaquil, about 15 minutes from the airport, and surrounded by restaurants, shops, cafés, museums, and art galleries. The hotel overlooks Seminaro Park, home to the Cathedral of Guayaquil and lots of friendly iguanas!

2020 & 2021 Rates: 

  • Standard Room (single): $113.00 per night
  • Standard Room (double): $123.00 per night
  • Signature Suite (single): $132.00 per night
  • Signature Suite (double): $140.00 per night
  • Suite Room (single or double): $213.00 per night
  • Additional Bed (Suite only): +$63.00 per night

Included: Airport transfers (shared shuttle), breakfast, all taxes and fees


Private transportation between Guayaquil airport and any hotel in Guayaquil. You’ll have a Spanish speaking driver (an English speaking driver is extra). The rates are one way not roundtrip. If you’re picked up at the airport, your driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your names on it. If you’re being picked up from your hotel, the driver will be waiting for you in the lobby. 

2020 & 2021 Rates

  • 1 Traveler: $43.00 per person
  • 2  – 3 Travelers: $23.00 per person
  • 4 – 5 Travelers: $17.00 per person
  • 6+ Travelers: $13.00 per person

Note: A lot of hotels include a complimentary airport shuttle. Please check with your Detour travel advisor, or your hotel if you’re booking one on your own, to see if a shuttle is included. Airport shuttles often run every hour, so it’s possible you could be waiting a little bit at the airport for it to come around to pick you up. If you would prefer to have a specific driver waiting just for you, a private transfer is the way to go. 


Half Day Guayaquil City Tour

Guayaquil, ‘Pearl of the Pacific’, is the most populous metropolis of Ecuador (over 2.5 mln inhabitants). Though situated on the west bank of Guayas River – and about 60km/40mi (!) from its estuary – the “˜Pearl of the Pacific’ has become the nation’s main port and economic engine.

You can enjoy a city tour to learn more on its rich history and to stumble upon authentic wooden and pompous monuments between modern high-rises. You will also sense the vivid street life, and experience how the steamy climate has opened-up the mentality of its outgoing inhabitants.

The French-style Parque Seminario is popularly known as Iguana or Bolivar Park. In this bizarre downtown Jurassic Park crawl iguanas everywhere, from right at your feet to the treetops! Though reminding to their descendants in Galapagos, these meter-long green iguanas are of a more common continental species.

A statue of liberator Simon Bolivar dominates the park pointing at the Municipal Cathedral. It used to be Guayaquil’s main square in colonial times, before its administrative buildings have been demolished about a century ago.

The striking neo-Gothic architecture of the Municipal Cathedral (1937) with its proud towers, white concrete facade rivals with the modern high-rises around, and contribute to Guayaquil’s modern identity. Former wooden colonial structures were torn down and destroyed in a town fire. The bright interior has a marble main altar from Cuenca and high stained-glass windows.

The vibrant riverfront promenade named Malecón Simon Bolivar 2000 stretches about 2,5km/1.5mi along Rio Guayas. This pedestrian zone contains viewpoints, monuments, gardens, recreational areas, bars, restaurants and exhibitions. Wander around to observe the Guayacos in their daily life, and enjoy the tranquilizing view at the salty, mangrove-bordered estuary.

The boulevard Malecón 2000 includes an historical section (Civic Square) with some of most noteworthy monuments of town: the Moorish clock tower (1842) and the Rotonda memorial. Latter recalls the historic conference (1822) where South America’s liberators Bolí­var and San Martí­n divided the conquered Spanish colonies. Don’t neglect the imposing neoclassical style buildings outside the secured area; the Municipal Palace is even considered one of the most important architectural works of Ecuador.

Perched on Santa Ana Hill, the picturesque neighborhood of Las Peñas respires a traditional aristocratic ambience mixed with a cosy atmosphere, thanks to many ateliers, lively bars and restaurants. This National Cultural Heritage site is located in the very same place as the city was founded. Some of its colorful wooden houses are well over a century old and have been spared for city fires that burnt large areas of Guayaquil.

This tour lasts 3 to 4 hours, and is offered every day. 

2020 & 2021 Rates

  • Group Tour (daily starting at 9am): $18.00 per person
  • Private Tour (daily starting any time): 
    • 1 Traveler: $115.00 per person
    • 2 Travelers: $60.00 per person
    • 3 Travelers: $53.00 per person
    • 4 – 5 Travelers: $39.00 per person
    • 6+ Travelers: $28.00 per person

Included: English speaking guide, transportation
Not Included: Meals, tips, entrance fees

Full Day Guayaquil City Tour and Historical Park

Guayaquil, capital of the Guayas Province, is known as the “Pearl of the Pacific” by those near and far. You will explore the highlights of this enormous but interesting city in a full day tour.

In the morning, your guide will pick you up at your hotel to begin a city tour in the mayor city of the country, Guayaquil, located in the Ecuadorian Coast, a modern port-city with many important attractions such as:

  • Malecon 2000, a large waterfront walk with Monuments, museums, gardens, fountains, shopping mall, restaurants, bars, viewpoints and “Crystal Palace” with permanent art exhibits.
  • The colorful “Las Peñas” Neighborhood, close to Malecon 2000; this was the first residential district of the old city; its wooden reconstructed houses hold treasured memories from renowned Ecuadorian writers and poets that lived in this area. Enjoy a stroll along the cobble stoned street filled with shops, bars and galleries and surrounded by the multicolored houses on the way up to the lighthouse.
  • Historic Park, a beautiful natural habitat of mangrove trees enclosing the fresh waters of the Daule River. Encounter with the region’s flora and fauna and learn about the history, rural life and cultural traditions of the “costeño”
  • Churches: The Cathedral, La Merced and Santo Domingo

This tour is 7 to 8 hours, and is offered Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

2020 & 2021 Rates

  • 1 Traveler: $280.00
  • 2 Travelers: $145.00
  • 3 Travelers: $119.00
  • 4 – 5 Travelers: $90.00
  • 6+ Travelers: $63.00

Included: English speaking guide, transportation
Not Included: Tips, entrance fees, meals

Churute Mangroves and Cocoa Farm

The precious Manglares Churute Ecological Reserve protects one of the few outstretched mangrove forests that largely has been spared. These provide a cradle for marine life and attract predators and countless wading, aquatic, and sea birds. Surrounding hills covered with tropical dry and drizzle forests hide wildlife that you rather would expect in the Amazon than close to Guayaquil. Exotic bird songs and parrot screams accompany the imposing roar of mantled howler monkeys, and there are even elusive sloths, anteaters, agoutis, armadillos, peccaries, ocelots, and jaguars.

After leaving Guayaquil you will cross the impressive Bridge of National Unity (with a total length of 2,186 m/7,172 ft), which four bridges span Babahoyo and Daule Rivers, just before joining into Guayas River.

The Guayaquil-Naranjal highway cuts right through the Manglares Churute Reserve. Just before arrival, you may spot the emblematic horned screamer in the treetops, an Amazonian turkey-like marsh bird after which the reserve is named (endangered isolated population).

The Interpretation Centre exhibits a maquette of the reserve. This gives an overview of the extended mangroves (35,000 ha/86,500 ac), shrimp farms (6,700 ha/16,500 ac), floodplain wetlands, and the Churute Hills (680 m/2,230 ft; 5,500 ha/13,600 ac) along its northern fringe. East of the highway, this crest embraces Chanclón Lake. Río Guayas Estuary is the most important outflow of sweet water at the South American Pacific coast. At high tide, you will first visit the mangroves by canoe; otherwise, you start in the hills.

While following the Howler monkey trail on Pancho Diabo Hill, you can enjoy an impressive concert of mantled howler monkeys; you might catch a glimpse of them between the dense foliage, or even witness a spectacular jump! To reach this exuberant drizzle forest, you have to cross a short stretch of contrasty tropical dry forest, where – very unusual for the tropics – trees drop their leaves to prevent dehydration in the dry season.

Next you take to the water. Churute’s mangrove forest is a jungle labyrinth, intersected by muddy tidal creeks. Some narrow creeks form alluring green tunnels, only accessible by Amazon-type motorized canoe. Admire highly salt water-adapted red mangrove (and 4 more species) with its entangled aerial roots. Find yourself amidst countless wading and sea birds.

After exploring the mangroves, you head Cocoa and Mango Farm. You go through rural roads surrounded by gorgeous nature to the farm of a local family that uses sustainable tourism as an aid to making their farm prosper. Here you will enjoy a typical local lunch, and then get an introduction to their lifestyle, shown the different natural products they harvest, and participate in an interactive demonstration of the process for transforming the fresh cacao pods into delicious chocolate!

This tour is operated on a private basis, lasts 7 to 8 hours, and can run any day.

2020 & 2021 Rates

  • 1 Traveler: $448.00
  • 2 Travelers: $258.00
  • 3 Travelers: $187.00
  • 4 – 5 Travelers: $152.00
  • 6+ Travelers: $132.00

Included: English speaking guide, private transportation, lunch
Not Included: Tips