1% for the Planet exists to build and support an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet.  When we consider the enormity of the environmental crisis it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Obviously, the solution is not as simple as changing an incandescent bulb to a CFL. But 1% for the Planet is enabling businesses to take a lead role in being environmental stewards and to set an example for the rest of the business community. These companies embrace the notion that the sustainability of the natural environment is fundamental to the sustainability of business.So, altruism aside, why else should a business become a 1% FTP member? Let’s start with opportunities. Membership creates opportunities for companies to network, conduct business and simply associate themselves with over 1,200 companies that have made the same noble commitment. From a consumer standpoint, member companies re-enforce a positive perception of their brand, adding value that can result in greater customer loyalty and an increased customer base, especially among the growing number of people who recognize and appreciate the importance of environmental responsibility.Member companies also benefit from our own marketing efforts and promotion of the 1% FTP brand. The more our logo becomes ubiquitous, the more effectively it will equate environmental stewardship with our membership. Our web site and other informational materials regularly highlight members, creating a unique opportunity to distinguish your business to your clients and customers, as well as to the general public. Members will also receive regular newsletters and updates on the current happenings at 1% FTP.

The environmental challenges we face are enormous. The need for businesses to lead the way is even bigger. 1% for the Planet offers a simple, tangible and proactive way for the business community to be a part of the solution.

The Rainforest Alliance works with hotels, restaurants and other tourism businesses to help them improve their environmental, social and economic practices. Our standard for tourism operations has been recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Through training and technical assistance, we teach them how to operate sustainably and verify their progress toward this goal. Those enterprises that meet our requirements are eligible to receive promotional benefits, including the use of the Rainforest Alliance Verified™ mark.Sustainable tourism services include:

  • Training Modules — Through one-day seminars and multi-day workshops, we provide the knowledge and tools to manage a tourism business sustainably.
  • Technical Assistance — Our qualified assessors help businesses create a sustainable management plan tailored to each specific company’s needs.
  • Verification Visits — An assessor makes an on-site visit to evaluate a business’s adoption of sustainability practices and help its managers understand what they are doing well and which areas need improvement.
  • Marketing Benefits — Businesses that fulfill certain requirements are eligible to receive promotional benefits, including use of the Rainforest Alliance Verified mark, representation at local and international trade shows and inclusion in promotional Web sites and printed materials.

Training sessions and audits cover topics such as clean technologies, waste management and recycling, carbon offsets, biodiversity conservation, cultural preservation, gender equality, administration and planning, service quality and green marketing. All of our tools and modules meet Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria.

In order to become Rainforest Alliance Verified, a tourism business must:

  • Be legally established for a minimum of one year and follow all of the laws of the country in which it operates.
  • Have a valid, signed verification agreement with the Rainforest Alliance.
  • Receive a verification visit and meet at least 50 percent of the Rainforest Alliance’s best management practices.
  • Undergo a verification visit every 18 months and continue to meet at least half of the criteria.

Smart Voyager is a certification program of sustainable tourism for South America.The Smart Voyager program was created in 1998, with the aim to minimize the environmental impacts of tourism.In the year 2002, Smart Voyager was recognized by UNESCO, as an example that should be implemented in all of the natural patrimonies of humanity. Smart Voyager is a founding member of the Sustainable Tourism Certification Network of the Americas.

The Smart Voyager program endeavors to convert the concept of sustainability into something real, practical and necessary in the context of a competitive market, with an aim to improve the relationship of tourism with its surroundings.

Smart Voyager considers rigorous environmental, social and security norms, that, when completed, guarantee a decrease in the environmental impacts that a tourist operation may generate, ensuring direct benefits to the local population and an active participation by the tourist in the conservation of natural resources.

Smart Voyager Tierra
Smart Voyager has expanded to include hotels and tourist operations throughout Latin America. The goal of Smart Voyager is to reach tourism operations of all sizes from large chains in major cities to ecolodges in remote mountain villages. Through training programs and materials, Smart Voyager, in collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance, educates tourism operators in how to reduce the negative environmental impact of their business and provide support for local communities.